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Monday, April 1, 2013

Conceptual knowledge maps for mathematics

About working and studying, the main topic of this blog: well, it is no longer an option. It is mandatory, society needs people who are committed to their jobs and invest in their lifetime education. Everything changes at an ever faster pace and it is thus our responsibility to stay of value in all of our dynamics.  It is an issue we must align regularly.

Studying in a particular field will gradually align your life to your new interests. For example, I have recently, more or less -landed- in a job where some of my colleagues are mathematicians. In fact, a lot of the work I do involves mathematics. More about that in posts to come.

Everything changes. So do study skills. And a vast amount of tools for computer aided learning is now available. From MIT lectures via YouTube to software for flash cards to sophisticated knowledge databases for personal use. I would like to mention two items I have found recently.

InfoRapid Knowledge Builder is a graphical tool to document conceptual knowledge maps, free for personal use at ( Before this I used Mindjet and TheBrain. ) I am working on a map with topics in Analytical Number Theory.

Another item I found is a book. It is called On Course, Strategies for success in College and Life. ( And if you work and study read the title as Strategies for successful combining work and study.) The book is packed with information. It is not a book you should read once but it is a companion you can use, consult, for years. I have the Study Skills Plus edition.

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