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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Helpful people

Yesterday evening I ran out of ideas on how to implement something in GAP. Intuitively I knew it was possible. Within my understanding of mathematics, anything must bepossible with GAP, I mean GAP is used by professional researchers who speak GAP. Today, when I took a short break at work, I posted my question in the GAP forum. I immediately received two replies and that happened before. There is always someone who helps you out. Somehow that means a lot to me, it's why I believe in the future despite the tremendous problems we have in our world.

Dear Nilo,
You have a ring R, and you want to treat it as a group. This group is
written additively in GAP; so you must convert it to a multiplicative
group first.

Here is a simple example of what you (probably) want to do. Hope it helps:

gap> r := GroupRing(GF(2),SymmetricGroup(3));

gap> rplus := Group(List(Basis(r),AdditiveElementAsMultiplicativeElement));

gap> StructureDescription(rplus);
"C2 x C2 x C2 x C2 x C2 x C2"
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Thanks again Mr. Bartholdi.

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