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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MS221 second shipment arrived

Compliments to the Open University!

I proposed a rather exceptional way of sending a shipment of books. The OU handled it as if it was a regular request. "... The quality of an organisation can be measured by their capacity of handling exceptions. ..." Isn't that true? Things usually go wrong when questions are asked.

Anyway, I received books C and D of course MS221 today. Book D is more or less an introduction to M208, I suppose. D has topics on Complex Numbers, Number Theory, Group Theory and Logic. Book C is calculus, again. I just to find calculus so booooring. I must say I find it less boring today and am actually looking forward to MST209 about model building which has LOTS of stuff on solving DE's.

MST209, M208 are both 60-ers and are both next on my left. I don't think I can handle 120 in a year. 90 is do-able for me, but 120? Don't think so. Havent ruled out the option of doing both MST209 and M208 in 2010. I havent planned courses for sep 09 / jan 10 yet so I could do the video based MIT self-study course on DE's in that period which would be an excellent technical preparation for MST209. But again, all options are still open.

As in football... concentrate on winning the next match instead of winning the competition.

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