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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog or diary?

I think the words 'blog' and 'diary' contradict each other. This should be either a blog or a diary now it is an attempt to be both while the endresult is neither. My blog/diary contains a lot of introvert babble like 'TMA done'. Who cares? So I completed MST121 TMA02 early this year. The course is completed. Done. I am going to write more about mathematics.

With the MS221 in less than two weeks I'll be free to study whatever I like until at least february 2010 when I will be doing 'Pure Mathematics' and 'Groups and Geometry'. I think I am going to self-study Introduction to Analytic Number Theory by Apostol. That will prepare me for three OU courses: Number Theory (M381) and Analytic Number Theory I ( M823 ) and II ( M829 ).

I would very much like to be able to prove, or at least understand the proof of, The Prime Number Theorem.

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