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Saturday, August 28, 2010 Mathematics Video

Just visited for the first time. I was watching a music clip on YouTube when I noticed in the right selection ladder the title: "Do scientists have a sense of humour?" That's basicly how I found They use the tag "The world is thinking". A search on mathematics resulted in 87 videos. Videos of reasonable length, not the 10min YouTube type. For example:

John Barrow: Not Just About the Numbers
An overview of different types of mathematics and its applications. What is mathematics and why does it 'work'? 53min

John Barrow on Codebreaking in Everyday Life
Everything we buy, from books to baked beans, has a product code printed on it. More sophisticated check-digit codes exist on official documents, bank notes and air tickets. 60min

Wilfred Hodges: The Geometry of Music
Geometers study shapes and how they transform into one other. Musicians create shapes and transform them. 55min

And much more. Enjoy

Here is the YouTube teaser...

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