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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Competition leads to innovation!

This site does not load particular fast in Internet Explorer 9beta or Opera 10, which are my preferred browsers. Thank God, we have a choice in browsers. Different browsers for different people. Functionality wise I still love Opera, although I don't like its default look and feel I have found a sexy skin for it. - It takes IE and Opera a few seconds to completely load this blog, i.e. all widgets and processing the MathJax. I tried the latest Google Chrome today and it looked as though the site was loaded in about a second. Further inspection showed it was an optical illusion because left down I noticed the MathJax was still processing. Still, the Google Chrome has everything of a fast browser. Lean and mean like a Porsche car, sort of. I am sure my friends in Norway, the Opera whiz-kids, will leap and frog Chrome once more.

Competition leads to innovation. It is the reason why browsers keep getting better and Microsoft Word and Excel are getting more lame by every new "release".

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