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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Egyptian mathematics

Did the Ancient Egyptians have computers? - Sorry, this is a serious blog. I have to set a switch first.

Eric von Daniker mode: ON

Done! - The great pyramid in Giza was constructed with approximately 2,300,000. stones ( 2 - 30 tons each ). Estimates are the pyramid was built in 15 years. That means more than 400 stones per day. Or 1 stone every three minutes in 7 x 24 shifts. That sort of precision logistics requires mathematics. In the course M381 I have learned how simple computers really are. And when I watched the video below I had to ask myself the following question. "Did the Ancient Egyptians have computers?" I don't say they had something like the Intel Core, think of a programmable mechanical calculator. Technically that is a computer.

Eric von Daniker mode: OFF

The video below is not as spectaculair as the ramblings of Eric von Daniker ( he sells millions of books full of it ) but will nevertheless surprise you. If you love mathematics.

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  1. I like the way he presents this. It's relaxed and easy to follow.


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