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Friday, April 6, 2012

If you need a personal Super Computer...


They say that the smartphones of today are more powerful than the mainframes of the 1970s. That's only partially true of course, in fact it is ridiculous, i don't see anyone managing a corporate database on a phone, not even with 70s software. Phones use all that power they have to facilitate the silly games they have on them.

To the point. Super computing.

The Met Office in the UK still has a warehouse sized computer room packed with computer power. ( See BBC Horizon, about Global Weirding ). They need all that power to run their weather forecasting models which are continuously fed with massive amounts of real-time data from data collection points all over the world.

IBM supercomputer at the UK Met Office
Personal computers, from phones to your home rack may have some power but it could still take -weeks-, if not -months- to do a calculation, or the rendering of an image. As from a certain point you need that upgrade that goes beyond your budget, or simply beyond the available space you have at a certain temperature. And as you might know cooling is still an issue.

If you are into rendering computing intensive 3D images, then vSwarm might be a solution for you. vSwarm is a community based free render farm for your 3D animations and images.

- vSwarm

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