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Friday, June 8, 2012

Fixing study problems (1)


Studying, esspecially mathematics, is a consecutive series of a-ha moments, of I-don't-get-its I do get

Studying, especially mathematics, can be hard, very hard at times. There are moments when you -don't get it-. Studying is, as I see it, continuously working your way out situations like that. When you browse through a new math book everything looks totally uncomprehensible but when you put the book away, when the TMA is done or when the exam is done, you -own- the topic. At least that's 'the plan'. Here are a few tips for if the plan doesn't work.

Red flags

The only problem a student can have is -not getting- the subject. Red flags to watch out for are:
- you are putting off study time;
- studying doesn't seem as interesting as it used to be;
- when you study your mind wanders off;l
- concentration periods decrease ( you have to check facebook, e-mail );
- doing assignments is hard or impossible;
- after you read some text you forgot what you were reading;
- the list is endless.

There are four possible causes of why you don't get it which can be handled quite easy providing you are able to determine what is blocking your study progress.
- 1. Distraction. You are NOT working in a distraction free study environment.
- 2. 'Lack of mass'. A technical term for the situation where you have no connection at all with your topic. Your brain literally stopped. It can't process any information about the topic.
- 3. You know exactly what you are trying to learn. You think that you have mastered the topic but when you try to do some of the ( harder ) exercises you are lost.
- 4. The learning went well, exercises went well but the result on the exams were below your expectations or when you confront your understanding of the topic to one of your peers your comm isn't understood or is invalidated by your peer.


We can't switch off internet while we are studying since it has become indispensable for students and knowledge workers so we have to control it. Even self-discipline can be mastered but you have to take the first step. We are all possessed by litle demons that need to be fed with entertainment and pleasure. If you feed them they'll ask for more next time. They are never satisfied.

( ... More later ... )

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