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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning by doing.

I hated school, it felt like prison. I never learned a thing in class. I passed the exams thanks to self-study mostly. What is the point in repeating what is in the textbooks? Students can read, can't they? Teachers can and should do better. To my surprise I read this article about a ' revolution ' in mathematics teaching. A revolution?!

Revolution in mathematics teaching


  1. Thanks for the paragraph that really gets one thinking. The US is poised for an incredible comeback and with posts like this, it helps one focus on what is important.

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  6. Well school was actually ok for me.Since I couldn't concentrate on those boring textbooks teachers got some of my attention towards the subject. And that was enough to get good grades. Now in uni, there are lecturers who just bascially dictate everything from the book or others that are really good professors and they try really hard to explain it simple enough to understand. The first courses i prefer to study by myself rather than in the classes. The second ones is pretty cool though:)

  7. Learning by doing is the only way to learn anything. The mind's evolutionary function is survival, so however abstract the subject, there has to be a link to doing.


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