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Sunday, June 23, 2013

From Intelligent Design to Geometry

Just some thoughts...

When I express my doubts about the success of the Apollo project people smile behind my back but that's about it. Friendships aren't broken and neither are ( employment ) contracts. ( See: AULIS on Apollofor more info ). In the last century science turned into a multi billion dollar industry and that certainly has changed the world of academics. Questioning a general accepted theory can ( and will ) ruin careers. Examples are questioning the cause of Aids, and questioning Darwin's Evolution Theory.

Evolution Theory basically says that we evolved over time by a process called mutation and natural selection. Those who question the Evolution Theory in fact question that very, very complex machines evolved from 'mud'. Darwin didn't answer that question because when Darwin published 'On the Origin of Species on 24 November 1859' he wasn't even remotely aware of the complexity of the cells making up life. DNA wasn't discovered until ten years later in 1869 by Friederich Miescher and it took until 1953 when James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA. Intelligent Design Theory accept Evolution Theory but only up to a certain point. They argue that somewhere in the beginning some information or 'design' had to be injected into the system. Who put it there? I would ask.

To the point.

Anyway, these thoughts entered my mind because I am thinking of building a 'DNA-type-of' geometry building block for a computer program. With the help of a computer these geometries should be able to construct ( divide ) themselves in a scene graph and evolve, multiply and so on. At the moment it's just an idea. I started to look for a way to understand more about DNA by finding popular science books on the subject. I haven't learned much about biology and chemistry and what I have learned seems forgotten. But I am only interested in DNA as a computer, or data structure. Then I found this website 'DNA seen through the eyes of a coder'. Since I am a coder ( computer, Android, programmer ) by profession that was exactly what I was looking for. Take this for example, DNA is not binary, DNA is quaternary. Computer letters normally consist of 8 bits called a byte, so using that system there are 256 possible letters. The equivalent of a byte in DNA is the codon and has three places. So in DNA language there are 64 possible letters. Read more on the site.

More to follow on this geometry project soon, I expect.

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