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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reading Challenge: The Road to Reality

The Road to Reality. A complete guide to the laws of the universe.

Prior to my more serious interests in Mathematics I challenged myself to read Goedel, Escher, Bach. Not an easy task if you aren't familiar with musical theory at all. It took me about six months to complete the book. Of course I was in doubt if I really understood it all ( I didn't, not sure if I do know, even after M381 Mathematical Logic, but math grows on you ). Anyway, I have been told that The Road to Reality by Roger Penrose is a book of similar importance as GEB. With it's 1100+ pages it's a challenge alright.

I intend to read it while commuting. Who says commute time can't be made productive? Clearly this is a self-motivating post ;-), but an announcement of a log as well. Sort of a summary of the book in parts. More later. I completed one chapter sofar or 25 pages which is less than 3%.

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