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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Michael Pogorsky's proof of Fermat's last theorem

Every now and then I ask the guru's at PlanetMath for help. I did so again today and while I was there I visited the Cafe section in the forum. There was a discussion with a rather long thread about Fermat's last theorem. Because Andrew Wiles proved the theorem with late 20th century mathematics people are still trying to prove the theorem using mathematics from Fermat's days. Every now and again a proof comes up. Usually professional mathematicians don't even bother to look. The mostly unknown authors are called crackpots in mathematical circles. How do these so called 'proofs' look like? Like this for example. It's a proof of Fermat's last theorem by Michael Pogorsky. - Read an analysis of the proof by a PM guru here.


  1. Correct simple proof: A simple and short analytical proof of Fermat's last theorem,CNMSEM,Vol.1.No.2,Marc2011 ,pp.57-63
    Canadian journal on computing in mathematics,natural sciences, engineering and medicine;CNMSEM

  2. Simple correct proof in CMNSEM Vol.2,No.3 (2011March)p.57-63.


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