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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Representations and Characters of Groups

I found an electronic version of a book with a high position on my Amazon wish list. With 458 pages including about 60 pages of worked out solutions of all the exercises it is an excellent source for the self-study of this fascinating topic. I started on Representation Theory, A First Course by Fulton a while ago but after a few chapters it turned out I wasn't ready for all but parts of the book. My intrest in the subject was firmly set.
In the very beginning of my IT "career" ( since I am still on the first step of the corporate ladder it is clear that I am not the typical corporate type of guy, i adjust enough to be able to survive ) I moved to the position of project leader fast. After a year or two I wanted to write a program but I discovered that the languages I could code in ( Databus, Cobol and RPG-II) were dead or not easily available to me. I had to start from scratch. These things don't happen in mathematics, I suppose. I can imagine similar developments in physics though. Imagine string theory to be proved false. If you are a string theory professor you have to come up with something else.
I thought about this when I read "... This set of lecture notes presents a new approach to the representation theory of the symmetric group — more precisely: to the character theory of the symmetric group over a field of characteristic zero ..." in the following book.

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