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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wolfram Workbench

I almost gave up on finding a copy of Wolfram Workbench. If you are serious about coding in Mathematica it's a must have.
Perfect for scientists, engineers, mathematicians, financial analysts, and educators who want to build applications for technical computing problems, Wolfram Workbench is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Wolfram products such as Mathematica, gridMathematica, and webMathematica.

Mathematica provides a high-level environment that uses a flexible programming language to integrate high-performance computing, a vast collection of algorithms, and tools for visualization, data processing, and document preparation. Programmers who want to develop code written in the Mathematica language can use Workbench to:

* Work with code in a specialized editor
* Debug programs at the source level
* Profile the code's execution
* Develop and run tests
* Work with Wolfram technologies
* Build and deploy Mathematica packages
* Code better in an integrated workgroup environment

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