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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The math teacher and his chalk

I don't like to sit through math lessons. It's because of the lecturers of course. Every teacher is different but there sure is a pattern. Like when he/she turns around and starts talking to the blackboard instead of the people in the class. He isn't interested in people anyway otherwise he wouldn't have been interested in math in the first place. Then he usually starts to write a theorem on the board. The same which is already in the book! But in the book it's usually written complete and in a nice readable font. It takes ages before the theorem is on the board but still sort of incomplete. Mathematics should be beautiful at all times.

Math teachers should do what they are good at. Writing mathematics in books, correcting papers, exams and that kind of stuff. The process of learning and understanding math is usually not done in a classroom anyway. And if there is some form of knowledge transfer going on then it can't be to all students involved. For most of them it will be either too slow or too fast. Math should be read and not listened to.

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