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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The hangover of a TMA completion

Just completed TMA01 for MS221. This was a hard one, it took me many hours to complete all six questions. TMA01 is all about recurrence equations and transformations of conics. I'll take some more review time later this week, the cut-off for this TMA is April 8th. This is my fourth TMA completion since I am doing OU courses and I can't say that I ever felt of having completed a task. It takes at least four weeks before the grading gets done ( by then I am most likely up to my ears in making the next TMA anyway ) so there is no relation getting the results and the effort. So now there is a sort of a void of being just in between TMA's. Sort of a hangover. I hope keeping a blog helps to create some perspective so that this empty feeling doesn't lead to procrastinating the next TMA only to avoid the next void. - Better get started right away on part B, TMA02.

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