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Sunday, July 18, 2010

GoldenRatio Phi encoded in a crop circle ?

I watched a National Geographic documentary on crop circles. As you can imagine the NGC is very skeptical about crop circles so I had to see what the hard core croppies had to say about the documentary. While searching for comments I found another theory about some mathematical constant encoded in a crop circle. This time phi.

In the documentary, one of the crop circle makers ( 'hoaxers' as they are known in the research community ) says they need the researchers as an audience for their work since they consider crop cirle making as a form of art. The makers call themselves 'artists'. ( Most 'circles' are of spectacular beauty imho. ) Vice versa the researchers need a continuous stream of new circles to explore. No one denies that some circles are hoaxed, the skeptics believe that all circles are hoaxed. Fact is that a large proportion of tourism in the area where the circles pop up is directly related to the circles. A large proportion of crop circles appear in a small area in the UK.

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