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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

M208 Group Theory video

To give you an idea what the OU videos ( delivered on DVD of course ) are like, I made some pictures.

This video is about the Counting Theorem. Applying this theorem enables you to answer questions like: "How many different dodecahedrons are there up to rotation if a face can have any of five colours?". - The OU videos are excellent. The counting theorem is one of the more difficult theorems in group theory. I don't think there is a better way of explaining it than they did in this video. - You can't compare an OU video with a lecture in class. The lecturer simply doesn't have the resources that are used in preparing a video like this. - Just think of the hundreds of abstract algebra lecturers over the world repeating the same talk they did last year. And of the same lesser quality than if they would work together and prepare videos like this one. I am sure we are heading to that direction. Just look at all the educational content that is already available for free on internet. Teachers don't have to be afraid of losing their jobs. They can create new materials, help students in small groups and do research.

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