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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Linear Algebra Thoroughly Explained

M373 ( Optimization ) renewed my interest in Linear Algebra which always has been one of my favorite branches in mathematics. Unfortunately I never got any further with it then the standard course up to Eigenvectors. Benedict Gross said in one of his lectures "You can't learn too much Linear Algebra." I suppose that he meant that any investment in learning more Linear Algebra always pays off. Quite a few books on advanced linear algebra have been published, understandably most of them by algebraists which doesn't make these books very accessible, let alone of any practical value. I recently discovered a book called Linear Algebra Thoroughly Explained by Milan Vujicic and published by Springer in 2008. From the foreword: "There are a zillion books on linear algebra, yet this one finds its own unique place among them." The book introduces Complex Inner-product Vector Spaces, new methods for solving linear systems, Dual Spaces, Tensor Products and a lot more.

Linear Algebra Thoroughly Explained @ Springer.

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