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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Course fees up : change of plan

For UK students the course fee will be set to GBP 5000  per 120 points. Considering they charge twice as much for non-UK students, expect GBP 10000 per 120 points. Or 2,850 Euro for a 30-point course. I had 90 points in mind for 2012. Study is entertainment for me, I won't make a single Euro more if I add a Math degree to my c.v. I could spend time solving Project Euler problems for free for years to come. I never call a tutor, need additional books to understand the booklets ( i.e. the books the authors used to write the booklets in the first place ) , so I would pay 3000 Euro just to be able to say that I passed a 30 point OU exam. To who? No.

Math is entertainment to me, I wrote. That is not entirely true. I don't know how my life would be without mathematics. I think I would go insane. Perhaps I already am. Don't worry I am not on psychiatric meds like half of the population it seems. I haven't really read what's going to happen to the fees for UK students. It seems things stay more or less the same for them bottom line wise.

To be continued!

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