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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Michael Schneider

Twelvealone made a comment about the Egyptian math video. The mathematician / presenter is Michael Schneider. He wrote a book called 'Constructing the Universe'. If you have seen the movie Pi, you'll recognize many similarities between Schneider's and Maximillian Cohen's views about mathematics and the physical reality. Apple Computer employs Evangelists. The mission of a Mac Evangelist is simply to disseminate the beauty of an Apple computer. Unlike teachers who teach from a position of superiority, even if they only want to help their ( engineering ) students to get through Calculus, Michael Schneider does not teach: he disseminates. He invites you to investigate the beauty of mathematics, for yourself. One of my favorite ( alternative ) radio stations is the Swedish Red Ice Radio. It turns out they interviewed him last year about his book, mathematics and so much more.

Parts 2, and following at the Red Ice Radio channel.

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