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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How am I doing relatively ?

I mean how do my study results compare to other students? Do I actually care??! I read about people receiving TMA results of 99, 100 and so on. Than my average of 90 sofar seams low, very low as a matter of fact. On the other hand those who 'blog' 'brag' including me, I suppose. I wouldn't shout it around if I passed on 41/100, although it has exactly the same value to the overall degree result. - If a lot of students are scoring in the 80-100 range then the TMA's are just too simple imho. Since the student can make the assignments at home that means they can be quite challenging.

1 comment:

  1. You touch on an interesting point here -- should you share your marks? There is an argument for doing so 'proper' students do, but as you've noticed they could be dispiriting for other students.
    Personally if I don't need to I don't. But I will if they are needed in context.
    But I do like a good FirstClass signature! -->
    50 yard breast stroke -- bronze
    Piano grade one -- failed
    Brownie science badge -- level 2
    kick the wham on that jam
    //apoligies to michael h and colin l ;-)


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