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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Studying mathematics with SuperMemo

If you look carefully how the texts are layed out in the study books you see that they did everything which is possible to make studying as efficient as possible. There is no need to make a summary, think of examples for theorems, find and do exercises, etc. Everything is in the book at the time you need it. And for a course like MS221 everything is nicely presented in a Course Handbook which includes a dictionary for technical terms.

I used to do a lot of self-studying so a I used a lot of study time on tasks which aren't necessary when you do an OU course. I nevertheless got used to allocating time to study-improvement on a regular basis. If I could only use SuperMemo then studying becomes a process which automatically produces a lot of statistical data about the studying process itself. But producing learning materials for SuperMemo can be time-consuming in itself. That fact kept me from using SM thus far. But with the other tools I currently have like Mathematica, TeXnicCenter and so on I must be able to organize my way of studying, doing exercises etc. so that it will be fairly easy to document my work as a SM item/answer pair.

It is worth another try...

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