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Friday, December 24, 2010

[Books] - Problem-Solving and Selected Topics in Number Theory

Provides a self-contained introduction to classical number theory;
Includes step-by-step proofs of theorems and solutions to exercises;
Designed for undergraduate students ( ... );
( Olympiad-caliber problems )

My Christmas Present from myself ( who else? )... Do you mind? ;-) - This boook symbolizes my commitment to Number Theory. Besides M373 / M381 ( 2011 ) and MST209 / M336 ( 2012 ) I will focus my self-study on Number Theory. Besides Elementary ( or Classical ) Number Theory which is covered by M381 I have a shortlist of books on Analytical-, Algebraic- and Computational Number Theory.

Oh, and I think I'll ask Caz ( who has a column on Platform ) to blog about why people think they are successful in their studies. It could lead to some interesting discussion and hopefully valuable ideas. Where do they come from: Study Results <- Progress <- Concentration <- Focus <- Discipline ??

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