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Sunday, December 5, 2010

[Sign of the times] - New York /12-2010

From an article in the New York Times: LAPTOPISTAN

credit: Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times 

( A new series of posts [Sign of the times] with mainly pictures. Common theme is of course the theme of this blog: "mathematics and / or study". ) Let me know if you think this series doesn't belong here.

Take your laptop with you and you can go out on your own. Have coffee, work, study and enjoy the company of people around you. In the Netherlands public libraries are ( or already have ) transformed themselves into embassies of Laptopistan with free power-points and WiFi.


  1. Do people still talk to each other face to face?

  2. Not in LAPTOPISTAN. From the article:

    "... Silence Is Golden. There is no prohibition on talking, of course, but, as one Atlas regular of several years, Joelle Hann, explained, “there’s almost a code that people aren’t going to talk loud.” When people’s phones ring, they run outside as fast as possible to take the call.

    “If someone’s on Skype or having a conversation, people make an effort to chill out their conversations with looks,” said Ms. Hann, a yoga teacher and a freelance journalist and textbook editor. “When they don’t stop, you can feel the tension.” Shushing conversations is equally verboten. “No one wants to be the librarian,” Ms. Hann added. ..."


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