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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Exercise ( logic ).

Knowledge of mathematics is not required to solve the following exercise, but it will sure help ;-)

Dr. Who asked you for a ride in the Tardis. Naturally, you couldn't decline, it might be a matter of national, if not global, importance. The Tardis landed on the Planet of Truth which is is inhabited by people who always tell the truth. A minority however decided to lie, always. It is Doctor Who's mission to seek and destroy all liars. First you must get to the Capital of the Planet. Two roads fork out. Should you go left, or right? An inhabitant approaches, greets you and gives you the privilege of asking him one Yes/No question.

Ask him where the capital is, left or right on the fork, but beware he might be a liar!

Credit follows with the answer.

Take the challenge, test your ability to think logically.

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