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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fibonacci Sequence - Revisited

Some thoughts about my progress in maths. - I browsed through some old blog posts to get a feeling for how much I progressed with my maths. That was the original purpose anyway. Six years ago I wrote about the Fibonacci sequence as I am nowadays. It often feels if I make no real progress. I see mountains ahead of me, when I look back I see a tiny road. I don't believe in working hard, working smart should do the trick. On the plus side I can say that today I can prove Binet's formula and give at least three alternative formulas for the series. I don't know I even knew the formula in 2006. If progress is thinking about the Fibonacci series as something trivial then that is not what I expected. When I was in secondary school the mathematics teachers seemed to have acquired infinite knowledge about mathematics. I am sure that I know at least as much about math as the average high school teacher. That should give me a sense of satisfaction, achievement. It does not. Link: - Max Cohen draws the golden spiral

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