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Friday, September 30, 2011

Goedel, Escher, Bach - Lecture 6

In the first six minutes or so Curry gives a fairly good summary of Goedel's Theorem. Unfortunately this is the summary of the previous lecture which was not recorded. It seems nothing is free, not even free video lectures because it turns out the best ( not implying the rest is good ) is missing.

After rushing through formal stuff he wastes five minutes about a three-layer stupid joke about a book he had not read.

I quick-scanned through the rest of the video. Not worth watching, really. Too bad. I looked forward to this.

The take home message of the course. All provable things are true but not necessarily al true things are provable.
Justin Curry

Now that I am mostly through all M381 stuff I am glad it included mathematical logic. I would -not- have done it as a stand-alone course. Logic is hard in the beginning, like most new subjects. It needs time to work on you. I will get back to this in the next M381 post.

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