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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Compiler development 1/2

Although programming domain-specific languages ( with tools like ANTLR ) is part of the standard toolkit (*) of an  application programmer, programming compilers is still considered to be a different ballgame. ( Is it? ) I worked for a company once that developed a 4GL. A small group of experts worked on the kernel ( compilers and run-time ). They enjoyed an almost cult-like status, they were literally seen as guru's. The skill to write a compiler was considered God-like. Java was only just released and tools like ANTLR were years ahead of us. - The cruelty is, it always is, that developing compilers is not difficult, it is simple compared to developing satisfactory end-user applications.

More next post, in which I will explain how you can learn to write your own compiler fast and easy.

(*) If you expect a programmer to be carrying an actual physical "kit" on his gadget belt you are wrong. "Standard Toolkit" is programmers jargon for a minimal set of technical skills expected of any programmer. Every programmer knows how to query a database with SQL, creating and populating tables to optimize performance is however specialized knowledge expected only of a database administrator or DBA ( although many programmers have DBA skills ).

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