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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dreaming of ( massive parallel ) computing power

Or: Numbers divisible by seventeen (17)

I am looking at properties of decimal numbers consisting of only 1s and 0s. Here is a sample of them which are divisible by 17.

100000001100000000001000100000100000010010 \\
100000001000001000000100110000000000100010 \\
1000000000010001000000010000000100000100000010010 \\
1000000000010001000001000000100100000001000000010 \\
10000001001000000010000000110000000000100010 \\

Again, these are just ordinary decimal numbers consisting of only ones and zeros. They are all divisible by seventeen (17). Divided by 17 they are:

5882353005882352941235300000005882353530 \\
5882353000000058823535300588235294123530 \\
58823529412353000000000588235300000005882353530 \\
58823529412353000000058823535300000000058823530 \\
588235353000000000588235300588235294123530 \\

I really wonder where this track might bring me. Do I ( we ) have control over it, or is there some invisible hand leading us?

I do most of my calculations on computers a geek would frown at today but were dreaming of only five years ago. What is computing power? - Since I am not a gamer I thought that I never needed a high-end PC. Now, I think I need a whole wall of them. Serious. It's kind of crazy, isn't it. More of this madness in future posts, I promise.

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