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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Higgs boson and the Euro

Yesterday CERN announced in a press release that 'they almost found the Higgs boson particle'. To me that sounds like a programmer telling me that his code is almost finished. 'It's 99% done'. ( The worst thing I ever heard was 'I'll finish the design when I am done coding.'. ) Anyway, they must get really nervous at CERN for budget cuts in these terrible economic times. - People at CERN rather don't communicate with common people. Unfortunately they depend upon our tax money to fund their expensive toy, the LHC. That's why they are always close to finding something, or they -think- that something exceeded the speed of light. As long as we pay their toy while everywhere else people are bleeding.


  1. You, sir, are an idiot. A bleeding idiot.

  2. Nilo, surely as an engineering student you must be aware that the funding spent on high energy physics is but a tiny tiny fraction of the funding spent on medical research, which, together with pharmaceuticals, is BIG business (and not altruism). Open any general science journal, and see how many of the advertisements (i.e. commercial stuff) relate to medical research or pharmaceuticals in some way (nearly all of them). Surely you must know how research funding compares to military spendings in most countries. Surely you must know that most modern technology used by medicine is based on the kind of fundamental research done at CERN (applications derived from particle and nuclear physics are used from medical imaging to destroying a brain tumour without opening up the skull). It makes me very sad to see such statements from someone who should know much better.

  3. I think it's great fun to work at CERN doing all that fundamental research stuff. And yes, I understand the benefits of fundamental research. - My point is that the people at CERN are understandably nervous about budget cuts in the deepest depression since the 1930s ( some say we are only at the beginning of the crisis ) and are therefore playing the media with 'near-inventions' like an almost found Higgs Boson and a probable exceeded light speed.


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