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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Example of a Galois Group of order 8 ( Introducing Math Doctor Bob )

Regular readers must have noticed my interest in Abstract Algebra, of which I am currently studying, in different ways, the topic of Galois Theory. If you have chosen a different route in mathematics ( computation, statistics, and so forth ) or if you are at the early undergraduate level you may have difficulty picturing what Galois Theory is -all about-. I am trying to communicate that idea by summarizing the popular introduction to the field 'Fearless Symmetry' which basically introduces Galois Theory to the general ( but educated ) public. ( Currently working on part 7 out of 23). But as they say, one picture says more than a thousand words. For those that want to get an idea, fast and easy, and *now*, I recommend the following video ( mini lecture ). Don't expect you can master the subject by watching a ten minute video but the ten minutes are well worth it. The video lecturer is 'Math Doctor Bob', who uploaded about 600 mini lectures on various mathematical topics.

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