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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frieze group pmm2

#OpenUniversity little success story

The most common barrier to effective study is the so called 'Lack of Mass' ( Applied Scholastics ). A subject has not enough mass -for you- when you don't like it, aren't interested in it, can't see the purpose of studying it, etc.

If this situation occurs then you simply (...) have to 'add mass'. I did it for Open University course M336 IB3 Frieze Patterns by programming a frieze pattern tool in Mathematica. I like programming and if you can program a topic it is proof that you understand the topic. Now friezes live for me. I know them all, including the recognition algorithm.

Here are some applications of the tool I made.

A graphical proof that a frieze containing the letter H ( i.e. HHH... ) has symmetry group pmm2.

Or do it the other way around: take a letter R frieze and transform it to a frieze with p1a1 symmetry.

And now I can't wait to start with the Wallpaper Patterns. So, if you don't like a subject you can do two things: wait until you start liking it which may be never, or take creative action so that you -do- like it.

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