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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Planet Math servers crashed

From Planet Math:

After many months of instability culminating in a major crash, we have decided to imply migrate to the next version of our content management software, Noosphere 1.5. As of now all data since late 2011-10-23 has been lost, and some functionality is broken or missing. Please be patient and report problems.

I sincerely hope PlanetMath survives this setback. Oh, and Noospere 1.5 looks great!


  1. CTopTeach: Hi all you math bloggers out there. This is the brand new, old teacher joining in on your blog. I grew up here in sunny Florida in the sixties. Though the memories are fuzzy I do recall the teaching was always teacher oriented. We sat in neat little rows and listened to the teacher do the lesson. Most of our work was done individually at our seats. Teachers were strict back then.


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