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Friday, February 24, 2012

Two mystery mathematicians.


Facts about two mathematicians.

His collected works appear in five volumes: the first contains 62 papers which (...) ; the second contains 107 of the 147 papers (...); the third includes 89 of the 180 papers (...); the fourth contains 98 of the 232 papers he published (...).

(...) school reports began to describe him as singular, bizarre, original and closed. - (...) took the examination of the École Polytechnique but failed. - This is the only student who has answered me poorly, he knows absolutely nothing. I was told that this student has an extraordinary capacity for mathematics. This astonishes me greatly, for, after his examination, I believed him to have but little intelligence. - (Later in life he was sent to prison twice.)

I am sure that you remember at least one of them, I am not sure about the other though. Do you recognize the persons already? - One of them is recognized as one of the greatest minds that ever lived. The other has been criticized for the lack of depth in his work.

Who are they?
- Mystery person #1.
- Mystery person #2.

1 comment:

  1. I will fathom a guess for one of them: Evariste Galois ? Peace.


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