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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breaking news ( I missed ): TeXnicCenter 2.0 alpha released

Last October TeXnicCenter 2.0 ( alpha 1 ) was released. I just read about it and immediately had to make a note of it in my blog. How could I have missed it? October had a lot of things going on for me, including the MS221 exam ( results expected on the 18th ), suppose that must be the reason. Since I am not working actively on TMA's at the moment I don't use TXC a lot right now.

To the point: the new version. It is really great news that the developers took the time to upgrade TXC. Although near perfect already new technologies in IDEs became standard in recent years which aren't in TXC 1. Cold folding is one of them and it has been implemented in TXC 2 according to the website. Cold-folding is really a must-have nowadays. I recently blew TXC and started to use an Eclipse based TeX IDE. After only one TMA I returned to TXC which simply works best for me.

I will install and test the version of TeXniCCenter 2.0 alpha and report my findings here.


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