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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mathematics in Movies ( 2 )

June, 2008 I wrote about mathematics in movies. As a comment on that post I received a link to this page with movies that are somehow linked to mathematics.
I got two math movies today. Fermat's Room and the Oxford Numbers. Both from 2008, maybe that explains why neither are on the page I mentioned. Haven't seen them yet though. Something for Christmas, perhaps.
I am not sure, but I think a movie about Ramanujan will be released in 2010. A must see. Ramanujan and Hardy in Cambridge. - Haven't watched Numb3rs in a while. I saved two seasons, for 'someday'. Well, maybe that day should be soon. Although Charlie is completely surreal, I mean he is an expert in -every- subject and has time to lecture, write books and be a full-time consultant to the FBI as well. Secret: I adopted one of his habits: I often use a noise-reduction headphone just to create silence around me, not to listen to music. It's great, you should try it while studying.

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