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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Change of plan ?

Alert! Battlestations. Change of plan.

Since I have to register for the 2010 courses before the 14th this month I have to make up my mind fast. I thought to be sure about 2010 but watching the E-222 videos changed my mind. It was my plan to do MST209 and M336 next year, thus leaving M208 for 2011. ( Ideal would be M208 + MST209 but is just not advised to take on a load like that. If you slip a few weeks for whatever reason it is impossible to catch up. So M208 + MST209 is out of the question. )

Both M208 and M336 contain Group Theory. M208 introduces the basic concepts: groups, subgroups, cosets, Lagrange's theorem, normal subgroups, and quotient groups in one module. A second module covers conjugacy classes, homomorphisms and group actions. All stuff I understand fairly well. That's why I though M336 was an option although M208 is a prerequisite. M336 reviews the M208 stuff and then covers counting with the aid of group actions ( necklace problem, I suppose ). The theory of abelian groups is covered fairly deeply just as the Sylow Theorems. These topics are half of the course. The other half is about geometry using group theory. The solids in two and three dimensions ( what I have just seen in the E222 videos ), tilings, frieze patterns, lattices and the wallpaper patterns.

My conclusion is that M336 in 2010 and M208 in 2011 is not an option. M208 + M336 is an option though. M208 in 2010 and M336 in 2011 is not an option because M336 doesn't run in 2011, so M208/2010, M336/2012 is the second option.

MST209 + M336 - NOT

1. M208 + M336 - Option
2. M208 ( only ) - Option
3. M208 + MT365 - Option
Both M208, MT365 have MST121, MS221 as prerequisite, so that fits. ( That is if I have a pass for MS221 ).

Just MST209 is an option as well, I suppose, although in that case I might jeopardize the overall plan.

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