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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Costs of studying at the Open University

What does it cost *money-wise* to study at the Open University? For residents of the UK the costs are highly subsidized. I don't complain that non-UK residents have to pay three or four times the amount UK students must pay. On the contrary, I am glad we get the opportunity to study at the OU. There is an Open University in The Netherlands as well. The courses are -probably- OK but the courses they offer are limited. They don't offer mathematics. The Dutch attitude is "no second-chance for mathematics". What they offer is economics and law.

To the point. I just paid the full cost of a years study ( 90 points ) at the OU UK, that is M280 ( pure mathematics ) and MT365 ( graph theory ) : the total amount was GBP 2625 or approx. Euro 2750 which is tax-deductable. This includes everything: books, DVD's, teacher support, TMA revisions and exam fee. It's OK. Although if you have a family to support and money is tight it could be expensive. Thank G_d, I can afford it.

I am very grateful I can do this. Nobody is telling me I should. I simply want to. It feels like a great adventure.

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