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Sunday, January 31, 2010

MT365 - First Impression

MT365 has three more or less self contained tracks:
- Graphs
- Networks
- Designs.
I am currently reading the Introductory Lesson and the ( additional ) book on Graph Theory. An important skill is recognizing / classifying the type of a problem: problem classification. There are four major categories.
- Existence ( i.e. Is there a ... ? )
- Connection ( i.e. Describe the connection ... )
- Enumeration ( i.e. List all ... )
- Optimization ( i.e. What is the fastest / cheapest ... ? )
For each of these categories there are a sort of 'reference problems' that have been studied in depth. The solutions of these problems can be used as a start in solving your own problem.

MT365 seems harder than I thought although there is hardly any mathematics ( calculus / linear algebra / any ) required. The style is not mathematical either. Not the typical theorem, proof, example style. I don't know how many students are assigned to one teacher but from a list I saw that there are approx. 30 MT365 groups. In the book I am reading I read that there are about 500 students taking MT365 every year. Partly due to the T in MT365 I suppose. The course is a so-called applied mathematics course and must therefore be accessible to for example students in computer science or physics.

I read through some CMA questions and before I can answer these I have to quite some studying. MT365 is certainly not a give-away.

1 comment:

  1. The course earns its M if only because of the introduction to Euler's vision of Geometry. 2000 years after Euclid, Euler opened new realms. That really is Mathematics.

    Tony (taking a break from MT365 revision)


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