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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Registration M208, MT365 - revisited

I can't wait to start on M208 and MT365!

( I like programming and mathematics but I can't seem to find the ideal synergy between math and programming. It bothers me... )

Last year, my then employer, arranged the registration of the course. This time I had to do it myself. Well, I suppose the best thing is to do just register by phone using a credit-card. That's how I will do it next year. I did it by bank transfer. I sent the money last week, it takes three days max for a transfer from the Netherlands to the UK so the money arrived Monday, latest. I sent an enquiry e-mail. The reply was that it could take up to 4 days to expect an answer. I can understand that, I suppose it is rather busy at the beginning of a new study year.

What's odd that when I called there was zero waiting time, which is truly excellent for such a huge organization as the Open University with thousands of students. It turned out that the money was received in my 'Student Ledger'. The person who handled my call 'Joanne', effectively handled the matter and if everything goes well my courses should show registration status by tomorrow.

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