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Monday, March 29, 2010

AMATH 401/501 Video Lectures

Because of my special interest in number theory I read ahead on the topic of complex analysis ( M337 ) which is a prerequisite for analytical number theory. I like to watch video lectures because it gives me an idea about how the topic is presented to students. Until a few days ago I wasn't able to find any lectures on the topic. Although the lectures aren't currently online at the site of the University of Washington they must have been in the past or they are available to enrolled students only. Anyway, some student has been so very kind to upload 38 lectures given in 2009 of +/- 50 min each in a total of 6GB compressed video data to the filesharing site Rapidshare. I do not know if the student violated copyright laws or anything. I don't think so. I think the files are offline because having the files online involves quite a lot of bandwidth for the university which is expensive. Mathematics video lectures have a global appeal and seem to be very popular.


  1. Hi,

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  3. So where is the link for these lectures?


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