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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

M208 - TMA01/2 Done

Consider M208 TMA01 done. Question 7 about equivalence relations, while very easy at first sight, has been  designed as an error-mine. Other questions were about a proof using the contrapositive of the proposition, a proof by mathematical induction, solving a 4th degree equation yielding complex roots, graphically showing the difference of sets and one on isometries. That's about it. Seven more TMA's to go for M208. The next one is on Group Theory due by the end of -this- month. During a 60p course there is basically a TMA every month while there is one every two months for the 30p courses. Although in the case of MT365 a TMA includes a full CMA. - I still have to write a letter outlining why I don't agree with the marking of part 1 of the M208 TMA.

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  1. I was browsing around the blog/website

    which contains some interesting video interviews, and from there I found the following:

    and from there

    The latter contains the lecture notes since 1986 of JS Milne, including one on Group Theory that you might be interested in looking at.


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