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Monday, March 15, 2010

Result M208 - TMA01 is in

Only MST121 - TMA01 with a score of 82 was worse than this. I have to admit that I was rather happy with the score of 82/100 at that time, still am in a way. MST121, although 'Level 1' is hard. I managed to squeeze out an overall result just in the disctinction zone. For part 2 I scored 59/65 so added to the 27/35 from part 1 giving a total score of 85/100 for TMA01.

( My M208 tutor marks with the purpose of returning the TMA with the -lowest possible- score. I couldn't face the light of day with an attitude like that. The pages of the questions where I scored 100% are still full with deep, agressive RED V's. Not a particularly nice sight, considering the time I spent writing it. )

On to the next TMA's. I hope to finish TMA02 on Group Theory tomorrow, or at least this week, not soon after I'll start on Linear Algebra TMA03.

For M208 I have done most of the actual studying. That's not what I can say of MT365 which feels like a tsunami of definitions, definitions and definitions. I never said this study was easy or simple.

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