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Saturday, April 10, 2010

MT365 - CMA41

While redoing questions I failed I found an unneccesary error. In my answer list in OneNote I found C=4 D=3. In the assignmentbook it was C=4 E=3. Answer correct, letter wrong. That's one of the disadvantages of multiple choice. Unneccessary.
From the other two I was rather unsure of one and I had counted the other error as a deadsure correct answer. I still don't understand why I failed the deadsure one.

( This is a rather vague post, isn't it? Not very diary like and this is what the blog is supposed to be. Although I am not sure I think it is not allowed to post the actual exam question / answer pairs by the Open University. They do sell them though, so I suppose it is a copyright issue. Education is business too, nothing wrong with that at all if the product is good. )

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