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Saturday, October 23, 2010


I found a way to enter LaTeX in Personal Brain thoughts. Exporting a plex to a website is simple. I hope to demo it soon. I publish my work via Opera Unite which means that I don't have to upload files to a server because the web server runs as an Opera process / thread on my computer. I don't leave it on 24/7 though. The exciting part is that you can use Personal Brain to:
- manage your mathematical notes in LaTeX ( plexes of 300,000 thoughts exist );
- query thoughts;
- reorganize database structure instantly;
- publish thoughts to a website;
- export thoughts to other programs;
- import thoughts ( Mathematica, for example can export notebooks to LaTex ).

Personal Brain is a sort of Mind Manager without the constraint that everything has to fit in a tree structure. They have a Microsoft sort of version scheme: home, business, enterprise. The home version is free, it's not an expiring trial.

Personal Brain website


  1. Hi. I would be very much in your debt if you could describe how you did this. I'm on blogger too, and I've just started to use PersonalBrain to help organize my research. Integrating LaTeX would be very helpful! Thankyou!

  2. John, I left this route all together. I use MediaWiki to organize my research notes ( and everything else ) i.e. the software used by Wikipedia. It supports LaTeX and has a user-community of zillions you can tap into and make use of. PB is enhanced by a few people for profit while MediaWiki has zillions open-source programmers enhancing it. Most of all: this solution is extremely flexible.

  3. Thank you for replying. I'll check it out. Did you have a difficult time transferring your plexes, or did you not wade too deeply into the PB pool?
    I think I would have to upgrade to 'pro' if I want to export. You're right about them being a bit greedy. It's nice software, but pretty expensive.


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