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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Study plan for 2011 is shaping up

The Study Plan for 2011 is shaping up.

With M336 Group Theory forthcoming in 2012 I will keep my Abstract Algebra 'warm' by reading:
- Goodman; Algebra Abstract and Concrete. ( Free e-book );
- Rose, Harvey E; A Course on Finite Groups;
- Cox, David; Galois Theory;

I will probably have some difficulty ( 'uneasyness', if you like ) studying MST209 because the materials will not be presented in mathematical but in scientific format. Since I am not very good at long reading sessions ( I get distracted too easily ) I prefer the Theorem / Proof / Example presentation because it leaves a lot to the reader, i.e.: read a bit, then DO a lot. Mathematica experiments for example. For that purpose I selected the books
- Kelley, Peterson; The Theory of Differential Equations - Classical and Qualitative. From the preface: "...Previous experience with differential equations is helpful but not required. Consequently, this book can be used either for a second course in ordinary differential equations or as an introductory course for well-prepared students. ...)", and
- Differential Equations DeMystified as an antidote to the previous book and as a guide to the HOW-TO's of solving DE's.

Top priority will of course have MST209 because it adds 60 points to my balance. I'll have to decide if I want and / or can add either M337 Complex Analysis or M381 Number Theory to the workload.

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