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Thursday, August 11, 2011

High IQ

I have seen the new ape movie 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'. ( Average user rating on IMDB is 8.0, today. ) It's a fun movie really, for every member of the family, not that it's a comedy, it's an action thriller with a touch of Splice and Avatar.

To the point, this is a mathematics blog.

When the movie started to work on me I thought about the great minds of tomorrow, but still children today. Some of which may be struggling with the fact that they seem somehow 'different'. Some are lucky and are recognized as children with high IQ. But others may be entirely surrounded with average or low IQ teachers, parents and friends. The most gifted child is probably ( as in statistics ) born in India, China or Africa, which makes the chance we'll ever benefit from his or her gifst quite remote. - Again, I thought of Ramanujan. - Part of being gifted with a high IQ is waking up to it. Life is miserable when you have to live with monkeys. Although officially diagnosed with some disorder in the DSM there is nothing wrong with most middle-aged, highly sensitive, but depressed people, except that they did not wake up to their IQ.

The main character in the movie is a research scientist working for a pharmaceutical company. His father has Alzheimer's disease so that's the area he is researching. He is working on a promising drug which reached the stage for testing on apes. Something goes wrong and all test apes must be killed. One of the apes was carrying a baby and is saved and raised by people. The movie is the story of that ape, Caesar who inherited the gene modifications from his mother. Caesar physically develops as an ape but his intelligence is higher than that of any human. He is of course completely aware of his situation. Society demands Caesar is locked up with other apes. Despite his intelligence he is powerless among his peers. The first thing the apes do is humiliating him by ripping of his clothes and tearing them apart. - The most intelligent person on the planet is also the most lonely person on the planet.

I know of a group that has all sorts of programs to develop the mental capabilities of its members but the message is that you can't use them when you are on your own. Only when you are in a group of equals you can flourish and prosper. - Low IQ people bring you down, if they must by force.


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