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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Study tip - 1

( For a while I have been thinking about writing -the- great (...) post listing zillions of study tips. Since it is not hard to imagine such a post will never be written I just start with tip 1 ( in random order ), then see how far I will get and maybe, one day, compile them into one post or page. )

Tip-1: The next item on the (study-)list

If you want to start studying immediately in the time you have allocated for study make sure you know -exactly- what you are going to do when you start. Don't lose time on deciding if you are going to read, revise, do exercises, work on assignments or whatever it is that you do for studying. The best time to plan a session is at the end of each study session. This already structures a session into study / plan next session. This plan can be as short as 'Do TMA questions 2 and 3'. Or 'Read pages 12-28'. Very quickly go through it and write your plan down in your agenda ( whatever system you use ). Visualize yourself starting the next session and starting with these tasks. - The trick is that your subconscious already starts working on it. Programs, prepares you for the task. Next session, starting the task will be easy and enjoyable. It works. Make a habit of it.

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